Do You Realize How Big You Are?

It’s not a mistake.

It’s there, deep, or near the surface. The innate knowing that you have work to do in the world. You’re here for a reason. To change things. Create, serve, awaken.

This is the challenge of our times.

  • To uncover who I really am, through unapologetic self-revelation
  • To liberate my true power with grace, conviction and humility
  • To serve my tribe deeply, with attention, intention and audacity
  • To create what I was born to create; to say what I am here to say

This is the new business paradigm.

The old school still thinks these things are incompatible, contradictory, or irrelevant. They’re not.

They’re just different dimensions of the same mission. Your unique mission. They’re just different sides of the same platform. Like the four legs of a stool that raise you higher.

This is the new way.

You Are Uniquely Placed To Change Things

There is only one of you, in all of time. You will never be seen again. Your mission is to create what you were made to create. This is the work you were brought here for. This is your art.

Your art is whatever you are called to create: your teaching, your workshops, your courses, your writing, your speaking, your dancing, your coaching. Your art is making the things you are here to make.

Your business is to share that art. To fashion a free enterprise that helps and awakens your gathering tribe. Your business is to build a business, one that will carry you to places of ever greater service. You are needed.

This is the imperative of our times. This is your mission.

To live, not what you ought to be, but who you are asked to be. This is your path.

Things are changing. You are changing. The world is changing.

I’m Here to Serve You

I’m a writer. A coach. A thinker.

For the last 5 years I’ve been looking for the new ways of doing business.

I’m a pioneer. Not in the contemporary sense, of a self-proclaimed authority. But in the original sense, of one who goes first. By definition, I’m making it all up as I go along.

I’m here to draw out the landscape of the new world of business. I’m here to paint a picture of the new paradigm. Our paths may be different, but the terrain is the same. We’re on the same journey.

Would you like to connect?